Bluehost vs HostGator – Comparison review

Thanks to the development of the legal framework, privatization, and liberalization, the communications industry has accumulated great economic potential and is now one of the most dynamically developing industries. Appeared on the market “cloud” software and network tools are a good solution to the described problems. Nevertheless, there are many nuances of using such technologies: methodological complexity of implementation, security of data and systems, applicability not for all types of business. That is why in this article we will compare Bluehost vs HostGator.

What is HostGator?

The ever-growing volumes of information and the need to process it in real-time impose new demands on the productivity and efficiency of organizations’ information infrastructures. In modern conditions, many organizations are faced with the possibility of further linear development of their information infrastructure due to the fact that projects for the commissioning and support of new information resources required for the development of the organization are often unprofitable.

HostGator may take longer for a novice user. HostGator is more suitable for those who want to migrate their sites from WordPress. The scientific novelty of it correlates with the substantiation and implementation of a scientific hypothesis about the need to develop, implement and use a methodology for forming a dynamically configurable information infrastructure of an organization for building hybrid information systems using virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

At the moment, the educational process requires widespread use of information technology to meet modern educational standards. For example, the current federal-state educational standard provides for the use in the educational process of the program of HostGator. As a result of the experiments carried out to compare modern virtualization technologies, a toolkit was created based on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the main virtualization methods in specific situations and allowing to simplify the choice of a virtualization method for building a hybrid IT infrastructure of an organization.

Comparison Between Bluehost and HostGator

Bluehost is a popular hosting provider, especially known for its WordPress hosting skills. It provides a variety of services and currently supports over 2 million websites worldwide. Bluehost, owned and operated by Utah’s Endurance International Group, was established in 1996 and established in 2003.

Bluehost has gained popularity as the most suitable WordPress hosting service. The modern way of licensing and delivering these products also includes their cloud versions – in which case the cloud provider provides the required software for rent. In some situations, this approach is sufficient. But not always, since in some cases there are problems with the effective integration of the rented software with the applications already available in the organization. The proposed methodological approaches will allow organizations to reasonably approach the formation and management of their IT infrastructure – in matters of choosing the necessary software and options for its implementation.

To achieve the goal, the companies have a range of tasks to be solved has been determined:

  1. Conduct an analysis of trends in the field of information support of the basic process in organizations, as well as assess the need of organizations for new information resources.
  2. To identify and investigate the features of building dynamically configurable information systems and develop guidelines for the transition to such systems.
  3. Compare the main virtualization technologies, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, and develop guidelines for choosing the most appropriate virtualization method for the formation of information infrastructure.
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