Do VDR Software Providers Insure Your Data?

The essence of the principle of algorithms and protection mechanisms is that VDR software providers should not be provided only due to the secrecy of the structural organization.

Virtual Data Room as the Best Way to Ensure Your Data

An effective virtual data room presupposes a clear division of responsibilities of employees and the exclusion of situations when the area of responsibility of employees allows for a conflict of interest. Areas of potential conflict must be identified, minimized, and strictly independently monitored. The implementation of this principle assumes that no one employee should have powers that allow him to single-handedly carry out critical operations. Empowering employees with conflict-of-interest powers gives them the ability to manipulate information for selfish purposes or in order to hide problems or losses incurred. 

To reduce the risk of manipulating personal data and the risk of theft, such powers should be divided as much as possible between different employees or divisions of the organization. Periodic reviews of the responsibilities, functions, and activities of key personnel should be carried out to ensure that they do not have the ability to conceal misconduct. In addition, special measures must be taken to prevent collusion between employees.

An important element of is an effective virtual data room for ensuring the security of personal data in the organization is a high culture of working with information. The management of the organization is responsible for strict adherence to ethical norms and professional standards, emphasizing and demonstrating to personnel at all levels the importance of ensuring the information security of the service. All employees of the organization must understand their role in the information security process and participate in this process. Despite the fact that a high culture of ensuring information security does not guarantee the automatic achievement of goals, its absence creates more opportunities for a breach of security or not detecting the facts of its violation.

Virtual Data Room as the Best Way to Protect Your Data

The virtual data room must be able to respond to changes in the external environment and the conditions for the Organization’s implementation of its activities. These changes include:

  • changes in the organizational and staff structure;
  • changing existing or introducing fundamentally new information systems;
  • new technical means.

The property of flexibility of the information security system eliminates the need to take drastic measures to completely replace the means and methods of protection with new ones in such situations, which reduces its overall cost. It involves the involvement of specialized organizations in the development of means and the implementation of measures for protecting personal data, the most prepared for a specific type of activity to ensure the security of information resources, with practical experience and a state license for the right to provide services in this area. 

The mechanisms and methods of protection should be intuitive and easy to use. The use of means and methods of protection should not be associated with knowledge of special languages or with the performance of actions that require significant additional labor costs during the normal work of registered users, and should not require the user to perform routine operations that he does not understand.

Virtual data room technologies, hardware and software tools, means, and measures for protecting personal data must be implemented at the current level of development of science and technology, justified in terms of achieving a given level of information security and economic feasibility, and must also comply with the established standards and requirements for the security of personal data.

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